劳动驾在单人房中加以壹张床 的翻译是:Troubl
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  aWe certify that the parts supplied against the above order 我们证皓洞件被供应顶持上述命令 [translate]

  a汽车信息文娱和长途信息处理组 Automobile information entertainment and long-distance information treatment group [translate]

  a李菲 Li Philippines [translate]

  a出产生在道德国 Birth in Germany [translate]

  a电弧烧穿器 Electric arc burning through [translate]

  athat's quite something 那是相当某事 [translate]

  a请讲保健,文皓旅游,严禁烟火 请讲保健,文皓旅游,严禁烟火 [translate]

  a尚雅荟 Shang Yahui [translate]

  a此雕刻是Lucy的书,下面拥有他的名字 This is the Lucy book, above has his name [translate]

  ahello Children ! 你好孩儿子! [translate]

  a 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  ahad written 写了 [translate]

  aDoes it sound like green is name 如绿色是名字,收听宗到来 [translate]

  aParis always thought he was beloved Michael, want to get rid of him did not want to work for him. They experienced many love, betrayal, clutch, two selfish people who do not know when the most afraid of being betrayed again. 巴黎尽认为他是心酷爱的迈克尔,想要摒除掉落他没拥有拥有想为他工干。 他们体验了好多酷爱,玷垢节,传触动器,不知道当最畏惧又时被玷垢节的二无公家。 [translate]

  a到来电提示 Comes the electricity reminder [translate]

  a主人房 Visitor room [translate]

  a试场机不熟 The test opportunity is not mature [translate]

  aWe are the rule, not the exceptions 我们是规则,不是例外面 [translate]

  a关于临时献血者,要终止铁的监测 Regarding the long-term blood donor, must carry on hard the monitor [translate]

  aHe taught me well 他很好教养了我 [translate]

  aDo not hurt me if you love me 假设您酷爱我,不要损伤我 [translate]

  aupspecified upspecified [translate]

  ain the classes,we studied together with students from different countries.We spoke different languages and didn’t know well each other's culture,so we had to cooperate in activities.tocollect the opinious of every one of us was not easy,but we all understood each other.we tried our best to understand what others said 在类,我们与先生壹道班习了从不一的国度。我们讲了不一的言语,同时不知道好的彼此的文皓,故此我们在opinious我们中的每壹个不是轻善的activities.tocollect必须合干,条是我们彼此了松的所拥有.we尝试了 我们要了松什么其他认为同时做了我们己己己understood.we的最佳讨论了此雕刻么题目象音乐和时尚同时传臻了我们的观点。 [translate]