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  Objective To retrospectively analyse the medical imaging examination results of the injuries and illnesses during the 2008 Olympic Games and 2013 China National Games in Shenyang Divison.Methods Collected and analyzed the health information and medical imaging examination results from Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University during the two games.Results There was 9 cases of sports injuries in the 2008 Olympic Games,mainly for knee,ankle ligament injury and muscle sprain,36 cases of sports injuries in the 2013 China National Games,mainly for head traumas (9 cases),knee injuries (7 cases),ankle injuries (7 cases),shoulder injures (4 cases).Competitions of high risk of being injured were wrestling (10 cases),track and field (8 cases),American football (6 cases).The most common cause of illness were respiratory system (60 cases) and the digestive system (27 cases) in the total 233 cases illnesses in the China National Games.Conclusion Different sports have different characteristic,regularity and mechanism of injury.Medical imaging examination has important value in the diagnosis of injury during large games.The respiratory system and digestive system are the most common illnesses and affect the athletes training and competition as important as injuries.So illness is the focus on the medical care assurance of the large games.